As an enthusiast of General Motor vehicles, our fervor for repairing our cars go well beyond the simple oil change. Our GM vehicles mean more to us than most vehicle owners know. Back then when purchasing a General Motor vehicle whether it was a luxurious Cadillac or even a affordable Chevrolet that vehicle became part of the family. We relied on the vehicle to transport us, share memories with us and even it gave us some trouble at times, but our beloved cars still were a part of the family. We know how hard it is at times when our vehicles break down but if there is a will there is a way. As an avid enthusiast and love-bug of the all American vehicle we have gathered all the important information and diagrams to help fix your favorite ride.

General Motors is an American automaker that has been producing high quality vehicles since the early 1900's. GM's main global headquarters are located in Detroit, Michigan and have employed well over 200,000 people in every major region of the world. The name plate of GM is sold in over 157 countries and has also produced over 30 subsidiary companies like Holden, Cadillac, Opel etc. Innovative technology has been GM's strong trait since its first day of vehicle production. GM's OnStar has provided millions of users with vehicle safety, security and information services. GM has strived to provide its customers with high quality vehicles at affordable prices.